101 Essential Women Beauty Tips

101 Essential Women Beauty Tips

A beauty routine… you know you need it but you tell yourself that you don’t know the right tips… And yet some good beauty gestures are essential to feel beautiful (and also to please :-)) women beauty tips.

Everything you need to know to have a beautiful complexion, wear your makeup for hours or maintain your hair and nails… in 101 tips… in one article!

You were impatiently waiting for it, here is our pick of the best beauty tips for women! You will discover tips for taking care of yourself: on the makeup side, we will start with the complexion then we will take care of the eyes and mouth. You will also discover advice dedicated to body and nail care. Finally, you will find secrets to having beautiful hair among our 101 tips.

Women Beauty Tips: For a perfect complexion

  1. Always moisturize your skin with appropriate care before applying makeup.
  2. Distribute the foundation (whatever its type) in small keys.
  3. To apply make-up in optimal conditions, put yourself in daylight without direct sunlight in front of a mirror large enough to reflect the entire face.
  4. When using a brush to cover up a pimple, don’t forget to disinfect it afterwards.
  5. Be careful if you wear makeup in a room with colored walls, they could distort the perceived color of your makeup.
  6. To choose the right shade of foundation, it must be the same as the skin tone below the chin to avoid demarcations.
  7. Keep the foundation away from light.
  8. In summer, do not hesitate to use a little mist sprayer on your face before applying makeup to cool off.
  9. Always pat the powder puff on the back of the hand before applying it to the face.
  10. When applying powder, insist on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) which is full of sweat and sebaceous glands (the cause of oily skin).
  11. The more the eye makeup is marked, the more the blush is important because it will bring color between the eyes and the mouth.
  12. The blush should always have a fuzzy boundary.
  13. A little blush on the browbones will let the eyes appear larger.
  14. In summer, you can replace the blush with earth of the sun.
  15. To hide complexion flaws and unify it without covering too much, use a BB cream instead.
  16. To avoid applying too much fluid foundation, put it in the center of the sponge and fold it in half so that it absorbs the foundation.
  17. On vacation, if you’ve forgotten your blush, use a light shade of lipstick to paint your cheeks.
  18. Use a good face scrub once a week.
  19. When exfoliating, insist on the T zone and a little less on the dry zones.
  20. In winter, apply a hydrating mask as soon as the skin feels tight.
  21. Never mix two different creams, it is better to alternate according to the seasons or the evolution of the skin.
  22. To always keep a fresh complexion and avoid looking tired, drink plenty of water (a glass of cold water when you wake up is good for you!)
  23. When applying a revitalizing mask, it is especially important to take advantage of the break time to relax, the effect will only be beneficial.
  24. Do not ignore makeup removal, it is essential every night.
  25. Remove make-up with milk if you have dry skin, with cleansing water if you have combination skin and add a tonic lotion if you have oily skin.
  26. Against pimples, use an oil-free foundation with the words “non-comedogenic”.
  27. To keep skin flawless for a long time , protect it from the sun with sunscreen.
  28. Do not hesitate to bring a little light to your complexion, whether it is very worked or not, with an iridescent blush or a complexion illuminator.
  29. One day without make-up a week (or every two weeks if you can’t do it) will let your skin breathe! Do not neglect it, you still have to think about moisturizing it well.
  30. Do not wash your face with too hot water which may tend to irritate your skin a little more.
  31. Don’t say foundation isn’t right for you, take the time to try out different shapes.
  32. Red face after a scrub? Use a soothing water mist to calm the fire.
  33. If your hand was a little too heavy on the blush, make circular movements with a powder puff and drop a little translucent powder on top.
  34. Too thick foundation? We wipe it with a damp sponge and rework it with a brush until you get the perfect substance.
  35. Massage the underside of the eye with a little cream by applying small pressure on the dark circles up towards the temples.

    Women Beauty Tips – Body care

  36. When you feel tired, take the time to have a hammam session with your friends, it is impossible to do more rejuvenating!
  37. On party nights, a little glitter oil on the neckline and voila!
  38. For an intoxicating and delicate scent, spray behind the ears, on the wrists and in the hair (especially if it is long).
  39. Moisturize your hands in winter, if possible in the evening before going to bed, to be able to put on a thick layer without the untimely washing of hands reducing the effect.
  40. Against the tightness of the skin in winter, always remember to moisturize the areas that dry out quickly (ankles, elbows, etc.)
  41. Consider slipping a bag spray or a sample of your perfume into your purse so you can get over it during the day.

    Make up your eyes

  42. To decongest your eyes in the morning and restore pep to the eyes, wear a fresh mask every morning.
  43. To improve the hold of the eye shadow, lightly powder the eyes before applying it.
  44. Apply eye shadow in small strokes rather than all at once – it’s easier to add more than remove.
  45. If the eyeshadow is not very pigmented, do not hesitate to slightly moisten the brush to increase the coloring.
  46. To give the illusion of having bigger eyes, we can shade the crease of the eyelid.
  47. If the intensity of the eye shadow is too strong, apply a little powder on the eyes, it will tone down the tint. And don’t hesitate to (re) read our article to find out how to choose your eye makeup palette .
  48. Watch out for shiny eyeshadows that accentuate fine lines.
  49. Do not hesitate to use eyeliner, even with a thin line, it gives the impression of having more eyelashes. Here you will find an inspiration article with the different retro eyeliner lines. Read Women Beauty Tips
  50. To obtain the thinnest eyeliner possible, always remember to wipe the brush well on the edge of the container.
  51. If you’re afraid of shaking as you draw the line, start by practicing on the back of your hand.
  52. Reserve the white and light gray kohl pencils for the lower edge of the eyelid.
  53. To open the eyes with a smokeye-eyes, draw a line of white kohl inside the lining of the lower eye.
  54. To keep relief by structuring the eye, opt for brown or gray kohl.
  55. A line of kohl or eyeliner should always follow the natural shape of the eye.
  56. Do not put too much mascara on the brush, it may clump.
  57. Do not overuse waterproof mascara if it is not necessary, it tends to damage the eyelashes.
  58. To avoid getting mascara on the eyelid, lift your head to apply makeup to the upper lashes and lower it to the lower lashes.
  59. Never apply too much make-up to the eyes if the mouth is heavily made up.
  60. For brunettes who want to easily make up their eyebrows: wipe the mascara brush on a tissue and run it over the eyebrows.
  61. Never use an eyelash curler before applying the eyeliner, as you risk getting eyeliner on the eyelashes.
  62. For all-day crisp brows, put some hairspray on an eyebrow brush and brush them out.
  63. Do not put any product on the mascara brush to apply makeup to the lower lashes, what is left on the brush is enough.
  64. As soon as the first fine lines appear, use an eye contour gel to apply by stretching the wrinkled area. Also Read: Damaged Hair Recover a Beautiful
  65. If you need long-lasting eye makeup, opt for a layered foundation before eye shadow.
  66. The best way to apply mascara is to apply mascara to the base of the lashes to cover the roots.
  67. Be sure to use the eyelash curler just before applying mascara to avoid breaking the lashes.
  68. If you want to make your makeup more natural, accentuate the eyeshadow especially above the lashes to avoid putting on eyeliner.
  69. A missed line of eyeliner? Transform it into smokey eyeshadow (the base for smokyeyes ) by blending it with a little moisturizer.
  70. To have fuller lashes, complete a good mascara with small packages of individual false lashes to be placed on the outer side of the eye.

    Beauty of the mouth – Women Beauty Tips

  71. Before applying makeup to the mouth, moisturize it with lip balm.
  72. After applying the lipstick, bite into a tissue and this will be enough to remove the excess.
  73. To gently powder the makeup mouth, place a tissue on the mouth and pat with powder on top: what passes through the tissue is enough.
  74. To have a fuller mouth, apply gloss to the heart of the lips.
  75. In case of lips with crumbling skin, you should apply a moisturizing lip balm every day but also make an exfoliating lip scrub every week.
  76. To increase the hold of your lipstick, first color the lips with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick. Discover our article in which we reveal thetechnique to get apin-up red mouth .
  77. Avoid tearing off the dead skin from your lips, they will be even more damaged!
  78. Try to get as much daylight as possible when choosing a lipstick.

    Secrets to having beautiful hair

  79. Never wash your hair before coloring, it will last better.
  80. Before using a straightening iron or brushing yourself, use a treatment such as heat-activated reconstructive milk: it will protect the hair from heat and give it shine.
  81. Whether on the lips or in the hair, cold colors should be avoided!
  82. For a shampoo to be effective, it must be changed regularly.
  83. Avoid tying your hair up all day to let it breathe and prevent breakage.
  84. Detangle your hair starting at the ends to avoid breaking the hair.
  85. For long-lasting curls, apply your curlers to damp hair. And we develop in this article all thetechniques to make curls .
  86. Whatever hairstyle you go for, never skimp on hairspray to get good hold.
  87. In case of damaged hair, regularly cut the split ends of your hair.

    Take care of your nails

  88. Women Beauty Tips – Always file and remove nail cuticles first before any manicure.
  89. Before applying the varnish, applying a hardening and nourishing base is essential.
  90. We apply the varnish leaving 1mm without varnish at the end of the nail to make it appear longer.
  91. After applying the varnish, it is better to layer a top coat to facilitate the drying and the shine of the varnish.
  92. To achieve a half-moon manicure, use eyelets placed on the bottom of the nails.
  93. Do not rub on your nails with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover, simply put it on it and wait a little for the varnish to come off.
  94. Wear a darker shade of nail polish on the feet than on the hands for a pin-up style.
  95. Beautiful hands should have long nails… but not too much! Nails that protrude 2-3mm are the ideal length for sexy and practical hands.
  96. If your nails are yellow, use a polisher and apply a primer afterwards.
  97. After a manicure, go at least 20 minutes without using your hands to avoid damaging your pretty nail polish.
  98. Avoid leaving your hands in hot water for too long after having done your manicure, your nail polish could take a hit!
  99. Before getting a manicure, dip your fingertips in lukewarm lemon water to condition your nails.

    Bonus – Women Beauty Tips

  100. Once a year, sort it out in your beauty cabinet: beyond 18 months, make-up must be discarded!
  101. Read the Vintage Make up blog, and especially its now legendary articles in the “7 Best Makeup Secrets To Look Fabulous” section!

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