5 Best Tricks to Hold Heels for Longer

5 Best Tricks to Hold Heels for Longer

Did you know that the use of talcum powder in both shoes and feet can be the solution to avoid the pain caused by hold heels for longer?

Without a doubt, heels are the ideal footwear when it comes to styling and formal dress. However, with the passing of the hours, it becomes somewhat difficult to resist them. Do not panic: we tell you some tricks to endure hold heels for longer.

Heels are responsible for making your legs look longer, your silhouette more stylized and you taller. This combo results in greater confidence and, of course, more elegance when it comes to dressing.

However, many have been responsible for pointing out their negative points. Among other things, it is noted that they can cause posture problems if they are used too often or for too long.

This second case is the one we will address today. In order to avoid the discomfort that makes you walk badly and hurt your body, we tell you some tricks to endure the heels for several hours without this becoming a martyrdom.

5 tricks to hold heels for longer

With these simple suggestions , your footwear will not be an inconvenience in long working hours or in the special events you attend.

1. Put them in the freezer

This secret consists of two parts; You can apply the one that best suits your time availability. The fastest is to place your shoes in a plastic bag and then place them in the freezer.

If you have more time, but two bags of water inside the shoe and leave them in the freezer until they become ice. This will cause the fabric to expand a bit and not adjust so much when using them; In addition, they will be softer and you will not suffer from scratches.

2. Use heel pads

You could say that they are almost like a divine invention. The pads that are placed on the heels and on the tips of the shoes will be of great help to alleviate pain.

While they may not be a miraculous solution, it will always be useful to have a pair in your wallet, should you need them.

3. Sell two fingers

Legend has it that if you sell the third and fourth toes of your foot – starting with the thumb – you can wear heels all day without suffering the consequences. Let’s see, many may distrust the truth of this advice, but many women claim to have found an easy way out in it.

The – supposed – explanation lies in the nerves found in these fingers. Uniting them, you get this termination does not bifurcate and, therefore, do not withstand excessive pressure on it.

In any case, doing the test costs nothing. Almost as if it were an urban myth, this council cuts across all the talks in which the discomfort of footwear is the topic of conversation.

4. Talcum powder

Putting talcum powder on your feet and inside the shoes can be of great help. In this way, you will avoid that the perspiration and the humidity that it generates multiply the damages of an uncomfortable shoe. The most frequent result of this combo is usually uncomfortable blisters.

Also, don’t forget the importance of having healthy feet. Using a moisturizer periodically will make your skin stronger; Remember that blisters and calluses form more easily on dry skin.

5. Sand the sole

Many times, and especially when the shoes are new, an extra force must be exerted to have stability when walking. The reason for this is that the sole of new shoes is usually somewhat slippery; This results in possible very dangerous falls or slips.

How to prevent it? There are several options: the first is to pass sandpaper on the sole to make it a little rougher. Another alternative is to make stripes with scissors; Of course, they should not be very deep, otherwise, you would end up spoiling the shoes.

Finally, you can also sprinkle some sugary soda on the sole. Otherwise, you can pass water with lemon and sugar. This mixture will make the surface sticky and you can avoid slipping for a long time.

Thanks to these tricks to hold heels for longer and the pain will not ruin your days or your nights. Forget about returning from the holidays with your heels in hand: experience each of these options until you find one that works perfectly for you. And goodbye uncomfortable shoes!

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