7 Best Makeup Secrets To Look Fabulous

7 Best Makeup Secrets To Look Fabulous

Here we tell you what are the 7 best makeup secrets to look fabulous that will make you look amazing and keep your products in perfect condition.

How to do professional makeup on yourself? To know these best makeup secrets and put them into practice you don’t need to be a professional. We know how important it is for you to be well dressed, combed and made up every day.

7 Best Makeup Secrets To Look Fabulous

Presence is something that is important today for every activity you do. Another important factor is the time you have and, given that it is usually short, you have to know how to take advantage of it.

Without having to spend hours in the bathroom putting on makeup. That routine can become simpler and happier. You will see how, with little effort, you will look fresh and radiant, while remaining yourself with the following secrets that we are going to tell you.

7 Ways To Make Your Best Makeup Secretes Look Fabulous!

1. Beneficial Make up Face Illuminator Perfect Touch Up

Illuminator Perfect Touch Up

The blush or blush is the makeup we put on our cheeks to give a touch of color to the face. Many times we spend a little while applying it and, when trying to blur it, we may only be able to extend the best makeup secrets forever stain.

To avoid this, you have to know how to apply a bit of illuminator on the cheekbone, just where the blusher begins. It is a touch of light that will accentuate the bone structure and create a much more flattering effect.

How to place the illuminator:

  • Do not dust the brushes in excess, it is preferable to add several layers of product, then having to remove excess and, in many cases, having to wash our face and start from scratch.
  • When you apply the blush or blush, do it just below the line of your cheekbones. Without re-dusting, the brush, blur the product with light circular touches. To make your cheekbones easier, you can sink your cheeks, as if you were drinking a soda with a straw.
  • Once the blush is well blurred, proceed to apply, just in the cheekbone line, a light trace of the illuminator. It is a small touch of light, so we should not let it look like a line that looks excessively white or recharged.
  • With a brush, a little thinner than the blush, blur the trace of the illuminator that reaches the birth of the hair a little.

2. Application of mascara without staining the skin

Application of mascara without staining the skin

  • Eyelashes are the easiest part of the best makeup beauty secretes and also the most colorful of the entire result. However, many people may find it difficult to apply mascara.
  • Mainly because they do not know how to distribute the product well, which makes the eye thick and reloaded. Or, on the other hand, they may find it hard not to stain your skin when you apply the mask. To help you with this, one of the secrets of professional makeup is as follows:
  • Take a clean dry spoon.
  • When you are going to apply the mascara on the top, place the spoon on the eyelid. In this way, it will act as a kind of protective shield that will prevent you from staining the mask brush, staining your skin.

3. Perfect torn outline

Perfect torn outline

  • The following of the best makeup secrets will help us achieve the perfect torn eyeliner that we so desire. Gatun, Egyptian, or casual, none will resist us anymore.
  • For this, you only need a small piece of tape or heat. There are those who also use a small rule. But the most popular trick is with duct tape, which you should place as follows.
  • Place tape following the lower tabs.
  • With the eyeliner, you follow the makeup line.
  • Carefully remove the tape. And ready! You already have your eyes with a perfect torn outline.

4. How to make lipsticks last longer on Your Lips

How to make lipsticks last longer on Your Lips

How to make lipstick last longer on lips? To make the lipsticks have a greater fixation, all that is needed is a piece of toilet paper, a brush, and some translucent compact powder. The latter is the one that will be responsible for extending its duration and making all the paint stay in place, without running out of the corners of the lips.

Steps to follow

  • Hydrate the lips with a little cocoa, petroleum jelly or moisturizer.
  • Outline the lips and paint them the color of your choice.
  • Place the piece of toilet paper on them so that it absorbs the excess paint a little.
  • With the brush, apply a touch of compact powder on the lips. This will help fix the product.
  • EYE: This is one of the secrets of the best makeup secrets that has a double effect, so be careful. When applying a little compact powder, the lipstick will take a matte hue. If your intention is this, great. But if you want to preserve the brightness, you must be careful.

5. Effect False Eyelashes

Effect False Eyelashes

How to Appyly False Eyelashes? If you want to get an effect of false eyelashes, but without using them, this trick is for you. As we know, false eyelashes are beautiful and make your eyes look amazing. The following of the beauty secrets that we are going to reveal to you will help you to make your eyelashes have more volume as if you had false eyelashes.

Steps to follow

  • Place a thin layer of mascara.
  • Add a touch of compact powder on the eyelashes (while still wet).
  • Paint the eyelashes again. And ready!

6. How to recover eye shadows

How to recover eye shadows

  • Eye shadows can be seen in the most vivid colors and then, over time, they can lose their vitality. It can also happen that you see it in a visible way and on the eyelid, it looks different.
  • Within the best makeup secrets, this is undoubtedly one of the most useful. It consists of applying a white shadow first, on the eyelid, and then the colored shadow. Believe it or not, this white base will give that touch of life that the paint lacks to show off its color.

7. Lacquer or spray fixative

Lacquer or spray fixative

  • Once you finish with all your makeup you realize that so many products such as dust, the base, and in general everything that you have placed, has accumulated on the skin and make it look dry or cracked.
  • Do not despair, the following will be the secrets of makeup professionals that will help you. You are going to spray some spray or lacquer fixative at the end of all makeup. This fulfills several functions:
  • It helps make makeup last longer.
    Returns the naturalness to the face.
    It gives light, it illuminates you without giving too much shine to the face.
    You recover the natural texture of your face.

4 Good tips to extend the life of your’s best makeup secrets

  • Forget better about doubtful tricks and without any basis on how to extend the life of your makeup. It is better that you follow the recommendations for storage, know its expiration date and, above all, apply it with hygiene.
  • After you have bought makeup, you want it to be always available. However, if you leave it for a while, it may not be in good condition when you use it again. Therefore, we suggest some tips to extend the life of your makeup.
    The makeup
  • It is normal for makeup to spoil. This is because, normally, we do not take care when storing it: we leave it loose in the bag, in the bathroom … This can cause that, after having bought it even recently, when we are going to use it it is not in good condition.
  • On the other hand, you must be careful and keep in mind that makeup in poor condition can cause damage to your skin. Therefore, prevention is better than cure, so take note of our advice to prolong the life of your makeup.

The expiration date and shelf life of your makeup

  • First, you should keep in mind the cosmetic and makeups also have an expiry date. Therefore, when buying them, keep in mind when they expire. Indeed, the problem is not only that the pigments and the quality of the makeup diminish, but that they can even lead to problems such as rashes, itching or conjunctivitis.
  • Thus, for example, in wet products such as mascara, bacteria find an ideal environment to proliferate. Therefore, it is much better to discard the use of expired makeup, even if we think it is fine.

Store it in the right place

  • Normally, we use leave makeups where we put in on makeups: in the bathroom. In addition, it is very normal that we put it in the bag to have it available during the day.
  • However, if you read the label of your makeup, you will notice that it is advised that it be stored in a cool and dry place. Therefore, the bathroom is one of the least indicated places to store it.
  • Indeed, it is much better that we store it in another place, such as the bedroom, preferably closed in its container and following the recommendations of “cool and dry place”, that is, away from moisture.
  • On the other hand, if we simply put it in the bag, we can cause it to end up accidentally opening. So, in addition to spoiling the bag and the rest of the things we have in it, the makeup will split or mix, spoiling. In this way, it is better to place it in a makeup bag and separate it from other things.

Handling hygiene

  • So that the life of your best makeup secrets reaches its maximum, hygiene is essential when using it. Indeed, if you do not maintain certain standards, it may be filled with bacteria and spoiled. Therefore:
  • Never share makeup. If you do, use an individual applicator (swab, own brush, etc)
    Use applicators (brushes, brushes, etc.) whenever you can. In addition, periodically renew and wash these applicators
  • Avoid using your hands. If your washes before.
  • Do not change the original container. Normally, manufacturers use a type of packaging perfectly compatible with makeup chemicals, so they are the best option to keep it in perfect condition.

Learn about the shelf life of your makeup

  • Each product has its useful life. By following the previous storage and hygiene advice, they can reach their maximum useful life:
  • The bases, eye shadows, and concealers usually last about 2 years.
  • The mascara is one of the most sensitive products. Therefore, it is recommended to use them in about three or four months.
  • On other hand, lipsticks can haves a usefull lifes of about three years.
  • Brushes and brushes. Obviously, applicators have no expiration date. However, it is necessary to maintain certain hygiene guidelines and even disinfect them from time to time. It is recommended that you wash them with soap and water after each use. Then, let them dry well to prevent them from accumulating moisture.
  • In short, if you notice that your makeup is broken, smells bad, is dry or its consistency has been altered, it is better that you discard it. Indeed, it is preferable to take into account certain factors when buying it (expiration date), when storing it and when applying it (hygiene), so that they can reach the maximum of their useful life.

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How to choose colors to favourite your according to your skins, hairs, and eyes

  • Colorimetry is the science that studies different color combinations. Thus, depending on your hair, skin or eyes, you can improve your appearance with the colors that best suit you.
  • Do you know How to choose colors favours your according to your skins, hairs and eyes? Some personalized makeup tips can help you improve your appearance and get the most out of your image. In this article we share what these keys are.
  • Are you blonde, brunette or redhead? Maybe your hair is black or gray? Are your eyes light or dark? And what is your skin type? Discover below what colors favor you according to your features and renew your style!

How to choose colors to favourite your according to your skins, hairs, and eyes

  • Why do some colors feel great and others give us a sad or dull appearance? Did you know that each person has colors that fit better according to their skin type, hair, and eyes? Not only can you notice it yourself, but also others.
  • Colorimetry is the science that studies the measure of colors and develops methods for quantifying color perception. Therefore, our perceptions have a scientific basis that affects our appearance. And this can be very useful when choosing our makeup, the costumes even our hair dye.
  • For starters, the intuition sure has already helped us see some colors that favor us and others that do not. It’s as simple as putting on different clothes and watching us. In addition, surely more than one person has also made a comment: «How good this dress suits you!»
  • However, we must know that there is a colorimetric test to give us this information. It is simple and effective and is based on the color of the eyes, the skin tone and the natural color of our hair.

Which is your station?

  • Colorimetry divides the colors compared to the seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. To find out which one you belong to, you must consider some aspects of the face.
  • From this classification, you will know what colors favor you according to your skin, hair, and eyes, as well as those that you should avoid whenever possible. Below we give you the keys to find your place in this classification.

Spring Best Makeup Secrets: Sprint Makeup Trends

First, people who rank in the spring have a delicate skin tone, ranging from pink to cream. Shades such as peach and freckles are included. In addition, they often have difficulty tanning. The eyes can be gray, blue, light green, light brown, and blonde, reddish or light brown hair. Latest Makeup Trends…

  • Colors that favor you: Blue, turquoise, light violet and, in general, pastel tones and bright colors.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Gray, garnet, fuchsia, and white.

Summer Makeup Tips

Second, the summer color gamut includes pale skin people pulling pink. The hair is dark blonde, brown or gray. In addition, the eyes are clear, green or blue.

  • Colors that favor you: Pastel shades, light yellow, purple, mauve.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Orange, beige, greenish-yellow, earthy tones.

Autumn Makeup Trends

Third, in the fall category, we find people with light brown or tanned skin with a tendency to yellow. Their eyes are brown, both honey and darker, and the hair can be coppery, redhead, dark brown or with reddish hues.

Autumn makeup colors

  • Colors that favor you: Earthy tones, beige, orange, gold, bronze, dark brown.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Cold colors such as greyish blue, gray, blue-green or white.

Winter Makeup Trends

Finally, we find people who are classified in winter colorimetry. The skins are a pales or a very little pink, or also a brown. The eyes are blue or black, and dark brown hair, black or blond very light. They are rather cold tones.

Winter Makeup Colors

  • Colors that favor you: Cold, intense and contrasting colors, such as black, navy blue, red, pink, silver, white, fuchsia, yellow, green.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Orange, beige, golden tones.

What season of the year do you include yourself? Now you can know what colors favor you to enhance your appearance and highlight your features of Best makeup secrets. Also, avoid those that do not favor you and let yourself be carried away by your own personal tastes.