7 Fashion Tips To Hide the Belly

7 Fashion Tips To Hide the Belly

Are you worried that your belly affects your appearance on the warm days ahead? Tips to hide the belly – Count on these tricks to use the choice of your clothes as a point in your favor tips to Hide the Belly.

Summer is coming and, of course, with it the need to wear less clothes. This implies letting our bodies see more, which for many people means very bad news to which it is necessary to look for a solution. For them, we present some fashion tips to hide the belly.

The belly is the very great enemys of womens and mens. In any situation that requires you to see this part of the body a little, some cannot avoid feeling discomfort.

However, there are two reasons that should calm this anguish. The first and fundamental is that nobody is perfect and the outside in no way determines who we are. We must accept our figure and, if we really want to change it, it must be by choice and not due to the pressure of society.

The other good news is that clothes can become our ideal ally. How can we hide those extra kilos through our clothes? Here we tell you.

6 fashion tips to hide the belly in women

1. Long blouses

A basic idea, but infallible. The long and loose blouses allow to hide the figure without problems. In addition, you will feel comfortable and very well dressed. These types of garments are combinable with a wide variety of pants and jeans . Do not miss the opportunity to look great and feel even better.

However, garments that are too loose are not advisable. On the contrary, these will make you look more voluminous than you really are. You should find a medium size: neither too tight nor too wide.

2. Opt for dark colors

Many times, the same garment but in a different color can give a totally different image of who wears it. Therefore, opting for black clothes is always a valid option. There are also other alternatives: navy blue, brown and certain shades of burgundy or green will sit very well.

3. Choose the correct cuts

A good secret is to always prefer wide cuts in the part of the hip to hide the belly. For example, the famous peplum cut, as well as the empire cut, are excellent options.

Also, a good idea to complement them is to choose underwear that suits your figure. You can even use a girdle if they are comfortable and make you feel good. These two recommendations will help you shape your silhouette spectacularly; Feel free to give them a chance.

4. Do not wear low-rise jeans

The best options in this regard are those of medium or high throw. These will help you feel more comfortable and hide the belly. The low-shot will only accentuate even more that area that you intend to go unnoticed.

Fashion tips to hide the belly in men

Not only do women pretend to look better through the choice of their clothes. This also happens to men; That’s why here we leave some ideas for them.

5. Choose large coats

In addition to providing elegance, above all, they provide an excellent solution when it comes to hiding what is underneath. Of course, in summer this is not an acceptable option for every day. In that case, pay attention to the following tricks tips to hide the belly.

6. Clothing design

In this section, there are several points to consider. First, that American jackets and blazers can be of great help, especially if they are worn open.

On the other hand, it is better to wear high-waisted pants, as long as the belly is not too large. This will provide a longer leg effect and make you look thinner.

Finally, avoid horizontal stripes, compounds such as lycra and stay away from prints. Although they seem minimal details, they influence a lot.

7. Posture and attitude

The last of these points to a central element in the appearance of men and women: attitude. The same body can be flatly different if you stand up, look up and be sure of who you are.

If you are ashamed or hiding, you will transmit that uneasiness that your body causes you and that you intend to hide. Go forward with confidence!

Finally, they also apply to men some fashion tips to hide the belly that we comment on women. We refer to the choice of dark colors, the “prohibition” regarding the use of too baggy clothes and, lastly, also avoiding very tight clothes tips to hide the belly.

As you will see, every detail counts. Consider each of these suggestions and apply them to significantly improve your figure.

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