7 Must Important Reason To always Wear Natural Makeup

7 Must Importants Reasons To always Wear Natural Makeup

One of the most important reasons for wear natural makeup is that many of the conventional products include sulfates and paraffin that irritate the skin and clog pores

Wear Natural makeup is in fashion. Increasingly we are committed to a beauty that is the consequence of a healthy life and a balanced diet.

However, we still do not know the harmful effects of conventional makeup, which hides some health risks that could be avoidable. Discover in this article 7 reasons to always use natural makeup and, if you wish, homemade.

Is a Wear Natural Makeup Possible?

At other times, women turned to natural products to enhance the blush of the cheeks or give color to the lips. However, the cosmetics we know today were appearing. They were a great comfort for women, but also some health risks.

In recent decades, the natural has become fashionable again in all areas, also in cosmetics. We choose products free of heavy metals, parabens, paraffin, sulfates, and other substances.

Why shouldn’t we wear conventional makeup?

Next, we explain some more reasons for avoiding conventional makeup and opt for naturals products. Once you know them, you can decide.

1. The parabens

Parabens are compounds with a preservative power that extends the life of cosmetics. However, they also have a detrimental action on our health, since they alter estrogen levels.

This can cause us disorders over time. Keep in mind that parabens are present in most products, especially if they are liquid.

2. Lead lipstick

There are lipsticks that contain lead among their ingredients. This is demonstrated by some studies, which warn of the risk of this heavy metal for health.

Keep in mind that the lipstick is not just a cosmetic since we can ingest apart while wearing it. Among the complications that lead can cause are:

Neurological, digestive and renal disorders
Fertility problems
Blood disorders

3. Sulfates

Sulfates or synthetic surfactants are the cleansing or foaming components. They are frequent in make-up removers, scrubs, gels, etc. Thanks to them we can remove grease dirt more easily.

However, they are also associated with skin irritation and sensitivity problems. The alternative is natural surfactants, such as those that come from the coconut . The natural product should always specify if it is free of sulfates.

4. The paraffin that comes from oil

Cosmetic products that contain paraffin or silicone, which are derived from petroleum, immediately result in soft, smooth and smooth skin.

However, paraffin creates a film that covers the skin and gives this sensation while clogging the pores. By covering them, it also prevents you from breathing, perspiring and other substances penetrating the skin. The effect, in the end, is as if we put plastic on the skin.

5. Premature aging

These synthetic products make us more vulnerable to free radicals. And these are the causes of aging.

Instead of taking care of our skin, as they do the natural ingredients, dry and deteriorate. They give rise to dull and dehydrated skin. This makes us have wrinkles and spots more easily.

Why wear natural makeup?

Really, it is not necessary to wear conventional makeup. In the market, we can find a great variety of natural products. The price is usually higher, but competition is favoring the appearance of more affordable brands.

Natural cosmetics always specify on the label the harmful ingredients that it does not contain. It also indicates the presence of others that are beneficial to the skin. We must be attentive to avoid deception since they are also usually habitual.

And, if we want to take another step in the world to wear natural makeup, we can choose to prepare some cosmetics at home. It is the case of lipsticks or make-up remover. We can make them to our liking, adding essential oils to give them our favorite aroma.

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