9 Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics

9 Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics

Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics. Using cosmetics once the expiration date is exceeded can take risks for our skin.

Do you usually store cans with traces of expired cosmetics? Maybe it’s time to get rid of them. The passage of time can make them enemies of your skin.

Cosmetic products have been, for centuries, the best allies to highlight some facial attractions of women. Its application helps to improve the appearance of the face and, incidentally, conceals imperfections that are badly seen aesthetically.

Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics: They become a double-edged sword when it is ignored that has an expiry date. Well, although it seems that they are still suitable for use, changes in their composition can cause negative reactions in the skin, generating irreversible marks.

Because of this, it is essential to carefully review the cosmetic product labels and throw away all those that have exceeded their expiration date. In addition, it is convenient to know what its effects are so as not to take any risks.

Discover them! Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics

Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics
9 Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics

Expired foundation side effects: The dangers of using expired cosmetics

1. Skin allergies

Chemical makeup compounds tend to undergo significant changes when they exceed the expiration date. Applying them can generate strong skin allergies. Redness of skin, itchings, and irritations are some symptoms of annoying reactions.

Apparently, it is due to the changes it causes in the natural pH of the face, which facilitate the attack of some microorganisms.

2. Infections and diseases

Expired cosmetics tend to contaminate very easily, increasing their amount of bacteria and microorganisms harmful to the skin.

As a consequence, Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics it increases the presence of infections and diseases in the skin, including fungi and eczema.

3. Styes

What happens if you use expired mascara? Germs contained in cosmetics such as mascara and expired eyeliners can cause eyelid blockages and increase the recurrence of infections such as styes.

This condition is distinguished by the appearance of a small inflammation in the tear or the upper part of the eyelid that can make vision difficult. If this happened to you, go to a professional to provide you with a remedy.

4. Cold sores

The application of expired balms and lipsticks increases the risk of developing infectious diseases such as cold sores. Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics Also known as “fire” is an annoying and painful condition that can take several weeks to control.

It is characterized by the presence of a blister or bulge that is usually accompanied by a sensation of itching and burning.

5. Acne

The alterations suffered by expired cosmetics increase the risk of developing acne when they continue to be used. This is because they alter the pH of the skin and clog the pores, generating unsightly comedones that are usually quite annoying.

In addition, since they increase the presence of bacteria on the skin surface, they make the treatment of this problem more difficult.

6. Fall of eyebrows and eyelashes

Applying expired makeup products on the eyebrows and eyelashes is an influential factor in their excessive loss. The harmful compounds affect the strength of the hair follicles and, due to the obstruction, weaken the hair and cause it to fall.

The Negative Effects Of Using Expired Makeup Cosmetics Its application also tends to cause dryness, which makes the hair thinner and reduces its volume.

7. Dry skin

Excess skin dryness is a condition that can be derived from many external and internal factors. While it is common because of the lack of natural moisture, it can also indicate that you use expired cosmetics.

These produce changes in the natural pH of the skin, altering the sebaceous glands and the production of oils. If after your application your skin looks dry or flaky check the expiration date of your products.

8. Dark spots

What Happens to Your Face When You Use Expired Makeup? Continuing to use expired cosmetics increases the risk of developing dark spots on various areas of the face. Expired lipstick side effects, Even lipsticks, and balms tend to leave these alterations in the delicate skin of the mouth.

All this, coupled with exposure to the sun and pollution, increases the presence of toxins and hinders the process of oxygenation of the skin.

9. Premature aging

In addition, the use of expired cosmetics would be associated with wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.

The obstruction generated in the pores makes cellular oxygenation difficult, increasing the presence of dead skin and reducing collagen and elastin. With the days, the complexion loses its firmness and imperfections of aging are generated.

In conclusion, Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics – it is essential to check the cosmetics before using them to avoid this type of reaction. Although sometimes they are conserved externally well, their chemicals present changes that can be dangerous.

BE CAREFUL! NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF EXPIRED MAKEUP, Take care of your skin, check expiration dates!

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What To Keep In Mind On Skin Product Labels

What To Keep In Mind On Skin Product Labels
What To Keep In Mind On Skin Product Labels

What to do with expired makeup? What To Keep In Mind On Skin Product Labels As far as possible we should opt for those products that have fewer ingredients in their composition and are of natural origin.

Skin Care Labeling: The language of skin product labels is not always clarifying or meeting quality standards. Manufacturers often use a specific language, depending on the marketing or promotion they are doing.

The same words are likely to have different meanings, depending on the sector to which the products are directed, the geographical area, etc.

With this lack of information, some terms that are usually used, such as “for sensitive skin” or “hypoallergenic” is not a total guarantee that the products cannot irritate the dermis. There may even be unwanted allergic reactions.

Precautions with skin products

The natural sells, because it is associated with the ecological, with the healthy. Include in the labels the term “one hundred percent natural” boosts sales. However, the reality is very different.

What To Keep In Mind On Skin Product Labels is also the case of what is advertised as “fragrance-free”. This terminology suggests that, without dispensing with aromas, the product is more natural, it is not always appropriate to its composition.

Normally some chemical substances that have an associated fragrance are included, although these components are used for a different purpose than the smell. Sometimes these aromas are even used to camouflage other strong odors of other ingredients.

How to read beauty product labels? How to read skincare ingredients? Some basic tips

  • It is very important, read the instructions of the manufacturer of the skin products and take them into account.
  • Never apply these products if the skin is inflamed or irritated.
  • Before performing a general application in an important area of ​​the body, a test must be performed.
  • For example, you can put a small amount of the product on a slightly visible part of the arm and after a few days, we can see if any reaction occurs.
  • As a general rule, it is convenient to always choose products with few components.
  • In those cases where the composition has a very long list of ingredients with numbers and letters, it is not worth assessing the dangerous nature of each. It is best to discard it.
  • Product Ingredient Labels: Another very useful trick is to identify the types of ingredients. Usually, those in Latin suggest a plant, while those in English are usually associated with chemistry.
  • In the case of brands of large companies, we can never be totally sure about the components that have been used. On the other hand, artisan products are more transparent in terms of their manufacturing processes.

A small dose is toxic

The risks of skin products and industrial cosmetics encompass a number of toxic components for the human organism.

Although they are doses that are considered safe and are allowed by the health authorities, if their application is continuous these products can be dangerous for the skin. Among the risks and possible consequences of this type of skin products are:

  • Allergies and diseases associated with the immune system
  • Asthma
  • Dermatological diseases
  • Malformations in the fetus in case of pregnancy
  • Cancer and tumor development

What To Keep In Mind On Skin Product Labels: Can we associate a certain danger with any industrial product? The reality is that no, not all are dangerous. There are even some that can be very similar in appearance and have very different compositions.

Thus, one can have a natural composition and the other has additives that carry a health risk or toxic ingredients.

The composition of cosmetic products

These types of preparations usually have similar components in all cases:

Active principle

The active substance is the most important component of the formula. In most industrial cases, the proportion of active substance is minimal.

In contrast, in other products, such as essential oils, the percentage of active substances is high. Therefore they are the ideal substitutes for industrial creams.


The excipients make it possible for the product in question to have the desired texture so that the application is comfortable. They are usually chemical substances that emulsify the fatty ingredients of the product.


Additives are those ingredients that add color and aroma to the product. Negative Consequences Of Using Expired Cosmetics – In turn, they act as preservatives and extend their expiration date.

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