Best Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends According to Vastu

Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends According to Vastu

Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends: After a long and tiring day, your bed is your best friend, as you can only fall and sleep for a few hours. If the next day is a holiday, then sometimes you don’t want to get out. Shutting down your system for some time is important because it affects your body. What if you know that the direction you sleep in is also important? In which direction we should sleep? which direction do you sleep better? Vastu says that.

Why is good sleep important to our bodies?

Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends

Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends – When you are asleep, put your body to rest and remove yourself from anything else. You don’t care about your surroundings. It is truly a “time for you”, only your mind in the unconscious state. Sleeping is liking recharge in your body and the mind. Insomnia can lead to stress, anxiety and poor performance in almost all areas of life. The mind can distract and result in wrong decisions. It’s can lead to a heart problem.

On average, you should spend a third of your day sleeping just to make sure your body has enough time to heal. A healthy mind can increase efficiency and effectiveness.

How to sleep according to directions when Vastu? Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends

According to Vastu’s teachings, the direction of sleep is extremely important. Vastu tells us which sleeping direction as per vastu we should sleep in order to live a happy and satisfying life. Vastu teaches that we are always surrounded by energy, whether positive or negative. At the same time. Every moment, all living things receive energy – even when they are asleep. Thus, the importance of sleeping direction as the energy field clings to the Earth’s magnetic field.

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1. Sleep with the head towards the south

Sleeping Direction as per Vastu: This is the correct sleeping position according to Vastu, especially if you are in the northern hemisphere. The trend increases wealth and happiness and enters prosperity. Also, sleeping in this position is of the best quality. The south is associated with positive energy. Hence, if you sleep in this direction, the changes must happen and make you feel better in your life.

2. Sleep with the head towards the north

This is one sleeping direction that should be completely avoided. Our heart is located approximately in the middle of our body, and veins that rise toward the brain are much more accurate and do not handle blood pressure well. If you sleep in this direction, then due to the Earth’s magnetic field, your blood will start to flow more towards your head. Wondering why? Your blood contains iron in it. Earth’s magnetic clouds increase blood flow to the head without being aware of it. If the flow increases, this may lead to bleeding. Most of us live in small amounts of it, but if it happens on a large scale, the result may be fatal. At the same time, this can slow your mind and increase the rate of decline in your memory graph.

3. Sleeping Direction with the head eastward

The eastern side is the source of energy and energy, according to Vastu. If you put your head while you sleep in this direction, you will definitely feel better in the morning. It launches solutions that can help you overcome health-related problems. The positions are very good for the students as well, as it is increasing memory and concentration.

4. Sleep with the head towards the west

Benefits of sleeping in west direction: This position is not as useful as east or south, but if you are looking for success, just Vastu, you should keep your head in this sleeping direction while sleeping. At the same time, this trend can relieve you of any unwanted negative energies in your life.

Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends: Additional Vastu tips for sleeping

These tips can be helpful if you are looking for a good sleep. These are based on Vastu Shastra for the bedroom trend.

  • Avoid sleeping direction under the rays as it may affect your mental state.
  • Do not align your bed with an acute angle to avoid harmful effects.
  • Avoid putting things under your bed to take advantage of good vibration.
  • Use blue, green, pink, or yellow color for your bedroom.
  • Use the dark colors for your bed and white for your pillows.
  • Do not put your legs toward the bedroom door while you sleep. It can lead to bad dreams.
  • Do not use a metal bed and keep your electronics away from your body.
  • Do not make your bedroom directly at the top of the kitchen. It can deter you from a good sleep.

Here are some simple tips that Vastu provides to give you a healthy and good night’s sleep.

What is the effect of our sleep trend on our health and life?

After we know how to choose our appropriate bed and how to put it in the best and most beautiful place to enjoy a beautiful positive energy, today we will know how our head’s direction during our sleep affects our body, our thoughts, and our spirit .. and how can we change this trend in harmony with our situation and our situation.

* Head south

This trend is one of the dearest options for sleeping… sleeping facing south: Here you face the top of our head south and the bottom of our feet north to harmonize our body with the electromagnetic spectra of Mother Earth and the energy flows in us in harmony and harmony from our head to our feet .. To wake up in a more active and thriving morning .. When we sleep in this direction our ability to remember Our dreams are enhanced, our health is enhanced, our intuition develops, our energy recharges, our performance improves and our life becomes longer. One of the negative aspects of sleeping south is the overflow of energy around us, so if we suffer from disputes and conflicts in our relations, it is preferable to avoid this trend.

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* Head north

He does not like sleeping and our head to the north and our feet to the south because this trend leads to disturbing our sleep and the increase in our nightmares and the increase in our misery and despair as well as it irritates our emotions and raises our emotions and nourishes our depression. By in this sleeping direction, our beautiful positive vibrations are withdrawn while we sleep to suffer physically, intellectually and spiritually …

We lose 50% of the intensity of our resolve and our spiritual and cosmic growth retreat … the reason for all this is that our body works like a magnet of its north pole is our head .. When our head faces the north while we are sleeping, the north poles repel our body and our earth globe, which increases our blood circulation leading to disturbance of our sleep, tension and stress.

This is not preferable to sleep north except for young children, the elderly and those with insomnia .. We can sleep towards the north for a specific period when we search for calm and calm after surgery or emotional trauma .. Or when we seek solitude and unity with ourselves in peace and harmony with a state of meditation, reflection, remembering and changing.

* Head eastward

When we sleep with our head facing east, we have a beautiful deep sleep and wake up faster with greater energy and more activity … so that every day becomes a new, beautiful and unique day … here we harmonize with the energy of the sunrise, so it is preferable to choose this best direction to sleep. If we are looking for new beginnings in our lives and work to flow a sense and flow with enthusiasm To start a unique new project.

* Head west

When we sleep in this direction, our lives become less stressful, less stressful and slower, and this is very beneficial for those who complain of stress and stress and for children with hyperactivity. But it does not suit us if we are looking for a new beginning .. Although sleeping in this direction makes us lazier and slower, but it overwhelms us in a state of Satisfaction, safety, and contentment.

* The head southeast

Sleeping in this best direction to sleep is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance his communication and contact with others, develop his creativity and increase his production.

* Head Direction while Sleeping: Head towards the southwest

If we do not know for comfort, taste or color, we can sleep in this direction to make our lives more peaceful and peaceful, more balanced and stable, whether with ourselves or in our relations. It is preferable in this case that we avoid sleeping with our head to the north, the northeast, or the south.

* The head is to the northeast

When our head faces the northeast, our night turns into a nightmare and delirium, and our life becomes unsafe or reassuring … Our emotions become a constant boiling volcano.

* Cape north-west

We can choose this direction of sleep if we are in an authoritarian presidential leadership position … or if we have many tasks and responsibilities.

The Best Ideal Sleeping Direction Trends for our sleep remains different according to each one of us .. according to our energy, age, work, lifestyle, and birth date .. To try, test and choose what suits us and supports us .. and experience is the most beautiful test and the best proof.