Damaged Hair: How to Recover a Beautiful Texture?

Damaged hair recover a beautiful texture after the summer?

Damaged hair During the summer our hair suffered. Now is the time for repair and hydration to regain a supple texture and a healthy scalp. The hair routine to adopt at the start of the school year.

Let’s start by being positive. The sun has left a wonderful light in our hair. We love this flattering sweep coordinated with our still golden skin. Another godsend: ocean salt cleansed oily scalps for another two to three weeks. By texturizing the hair fiber, the UV and sea bathing regimen increased volume to usually thin, flat hair.

All this is very becoming but the problem gets worse as soon as the desire arises to brush your hair or to discipline rebellious waves . It is difficult to obtain an “urban” hairstyle on an ultra-coarse, dull , split ends , electric and brittle hair fiber . If the sun has illuminated our color, it has also opened the scales and deeply dried out the hair. We therefore find him in pain, especially since he was confronted with other summer aggressions (swimming, wind and almost daily shampoos when returning from the beach).

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A single watchword: save them. “And without delay, because this hair is even more sensitive to the insidious oxidation of pollution”

Rehydrate the scalp and Damaged hair

When you return from vacation, start a super-rehydration cure before resuming your usual hair routine.

First step: cut the split ends at the hairdresser to get off to a good start. However, this is not enough. Restorative care must be applied. We tackle the problem from the root and from the lengths.

At the root, we use treatments that will repair the bulb and restore the energy that the material lacks. We put on restorative shampoos and masks . On the lengths, nourishing treatments are applied to regain flexibility. Above all, we let the hair rest, we say bye bye to brushing for a while and we prefer drying in the open air.

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During the day, we focus on leave-in care, which we apply to the lengths, like day creams. The fact of not rinsing allows more time for the product to penetrate the hair.

To hydrate the hair, contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to use oily products. We therefore prefer featherweight materials and we banish silicones and sulphates. Those with thick hair can still afford to use dry oils without rinsing.

Damaged hair: Focus on essential and vegetable oils

When we even feel that our scalp is dry and is really starting to peel, we put on essential oils .

Once a week, apply a few drops to the scalp and massage gently for ten minutes (yes, it’s long, but it’s essential if you want it to penetrate, and therefore, for it to act). Leave on for thirty minutes, or better overnight, before shampooing with moisture. In a month, order is restored, and the hair is strengthened.

Schedule a weekly oil bath to specifically treat the damaged fibers (or even two, if the hair is colored ). Opt for the most natural formulas possible. Prefer vegetable oils like argan oil , hyper-nourishing with its high content of omega 6, macadamia oil , shielded with vitamin B, and associated with musk rose to soothe the scalp, palm oil nourishing enriched with lavender , and more original, very restructuring cashew oil, mixed with coconut oil .

To get the most of their benefits, apply the oil strand by strand to dry hair, distribute it using a boar bristle brush to ensure perfect coverage of the entire length, then knead the strands one after the other. Break time: at least one hour, at best one night. Once the oil has penetrated well into the porous hair, apply a moisturizing mask over it which will lodge in the last interstices to be repaired.

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We target the formula according to our hair: if they are very thick, enriched with restructuring lactic acid if they are completely out of breath, with cottonseed oil if they are colored or loaded with arginine, Damaged hair, a fortifying amino acid that prevents them from breaking down. We apply them wick to wick and ten to twenty minutes we go in the shower to emulsify before rinsing. To the touch, even wet, you can already see the difference.


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