Exercise To Reduce Obesity

Exercise Effects on Obesity

Exercise To Reduce Obesity – Probably the biggest cause of obesity is the lack of or very little participation in physical activity. The new cyber age has definitely added to the increasing problem of obesity. Even the number of child obesity cases has risen to alarming levels. Kids today are spending more time in front of the TV, the computer or playing video games, and less time playing outside. In fact, child obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US today. So Exercise To Reduce Obesity.

Approximately 15% of children are obese. And that number has more than tripled. If you are a parent and have overweight children you must take action to encourage them to improve their diet and exercise levels. There are two periods in life that the number of fat cells increases in number, first in early childhood and again in adolescence.

Evidence from recent studies has shown that puberty is the critical stage at which adult obesity is determined. Overeating during adolescence can actually increase a person’s number of fat cells. (1) And this is when teenagers eat products containing high sugar and fat content and refuse to eat healthily. Consequently, helping to improve your children’s diets and encouraging them to get active, would decrease their production of fat cells, which would lower the risk of adult obesity.

What we need to do as adults is set an example and start getting active. We have to get our own weight back to desirable levels. One way to do that is to increase the body’s metabolism. The best way to do accomplish that is to exercise regularly. And we should include our children in our plans as well.

A good exercise prescription is a program of aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week, at a comfortably vigorous level for 30-60 minutes. If you are new or out of shape you will have to start at a low level of intensity and gradually increase it over time. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Regular exercise increases muscle mass which in turn increases the metabolic rate and the body continues to burn fat well beyond the exercise period – even during periods of rest. This “invisible exercise” is what makes the difference in achieving weight loss maintenance.

You can participate in a wide variety of sports and activities. The best ones involve the use of big muscle groups such as the legs. Some of these include cycling, inline skating, step climbing, jogging, power walking. Did you know that walking directly after a meal increases your metabolism and accelerates digestion?

Walking is one of the best activities overall. The many benefits of walking include an increase in metabolism and fat burning efficiency and a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol. A twenty-year study showed that walking can decrease risks of breast cancer by 20%, heart disease by 30% and diabetes by 50%.

Exercise To Reduce Obesity

So get active – start today. As you spend more time exercising you will spend less time around the house snacking on food; being inactive or bored usually lead to snacking. You will find that, once you begin exercising regularly, you will want to improve your diet. Exercise participation has a positive psychological effect on people. People begin to avoid unhealthy foods because they have already made a commitment to improving their health and body by exercising. So you can do daily activity Exercise To Reduce Obesity.

You can go online to find many exercises and weight loss products, books, e-books, and weight loss programs. You can also search the net for health clubs in your local area. Shop for the best deals and offers on products and memberships before investing your money. So, Exercise To Reduce Obesity

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