How To Follow The Diet Of Food 7 Days Best Plan

How to follow the diet of food

The Logaimat diet

A person can How to follow the diet of food of skins by skipping breakfast and eating 5 bits of any type of food for lunch and dinner while drinking the desired quantities of fluids that do not contain calories, and that is by following the following system:

  • Breakfast: You can drink a cup of sugar-free black coffee, along with a grain of multiple vitamins.
  • Lunch: You can eat five bits of any kind of food, and the hamburger, in this case, is ideal because it contains the nutrients appropriate for the person, and it also has a delicious taste.
  • Dinner: You can eat five bits of any kind of food; for example, you can eat three bits of pasta and cheese, and two bits of apple pie.

The goal of the diet

The diet of Logaimat helps to lose about 6.8 kilograms in one week,  from the diet of patients who underwent gastric bypass, and when he tried this diet on himself And for those who are overweight, it has been found that they have lost large amounts of weight.

This system should include eating protein, multiple vitamins, and the goal of How to follow the diet of food this diet is to help the person stop feeling hungry after three days of following Where the body learns to feel full, It adapts to eating small amounts of food.

Positives positive diet

The diet of feedstock helps reduce the number of calories eaten, and this system is one of the tried and effective strategies for losing weight, and it is considered the basic principle upon which many successful diets are built, and this system allows the person to eat whatever food he wants, which he avoids from Feeling of being deprived of certain types of foods, which is why many people leave their diet

Negatives of the diet

The biggest downsides to this system can be summarized in the fact that it is not considered a system that can be followed in the long run. Once a person has achieved the desired weight, then it is advised to return to the usual eating habits, and as is the case with other systems, the person will return to gain weight once he stops following the diet According to the University of Colorado report in Boulder, according to Columbia University, diets with fewer calories can cause nutritional defects that may lead to anemia, weak bones, decreased cognitive function, low energy levels, etc., and vitamin supplements should be used to howl Z the lack of vitamins that occur sometimes, and not to make up for the deficiency caused by the diet without the necessary nutrients

What is the Logaimat diet?

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How to follow the diet of food for weight loss? Why Weight Around, a book that encourages readers to follow the five-value diet regimen to lose weight, as it guarantees quick results of weight loss, which is the opposite of many dietary cries, but this system has defects, The disadvantages and advantages of this system can be known by estimating whether it is worth the time and money

Positives positive diet

This system revolves around the body’s ability to lose weight, which is the main axis behind any successful food diet, and that is through training to control the food rations, in order to limit the number of calories eaten, as this system allows to address what the individual wants from Foods, and this helps prevent feelings of deprivation. It is the feeling of deprivation that leads people to leave diets.

How to follow the diet of food for Negatives of the diet

There are disadvantages to the diet, including that How to follow the diet of food this system cannot be followed in the long run, and it is not designed to be so, and these are its biggest disadvantages, as it is advised to refer to normal eating habits upon reaching the required weight, according to the University of Colorado report in Boulder, he is preparing with other diets to lose weight, and one of his disadvantages is also gaining the weight that was lost again after stopping following a diet. How to follow the diet of food plan systems that include a low amount of calories can lead to undernutrition, which in turn leads to Poverty M, low intellectual function and energy level, and the loss of other functions.


A plan for a weight loss diet can be developed through:

  • Breakfast: It is by drinking a cup of black coffee and a group of vitamins, and if the plan is ineffective, the system may be inappropriate for the body, where explains the reason behind not eating breakfast, that when a person has not eaten anything since tonight’s dinner Previously, the body is in a state of fasting when waking up in the morning, and according to his opinion, extending this fasting period to a few more hours causes the body to consume more belly fat and remove it at the beginning of the day, and it is preferable to take a group of vitamins to ensure that there is no lack of nutrients.
  • Lunch: Eat five bits of any type of food. An example that presented is eating a small piece of hamburger, divided into five parts of bites, and this provides the body with proteins and some nutrients, in addition to that, it has a delicious taste and satisfies all tastes.
  • Dinner: by eating five bites of anything, as provides dinner with acceptable options for the diet, such as three bites of pasta with cheese, and two bits of apple pie.

How to follow the diet of food – But it seems that does not agree with the idea of ​​people following this diet as being unhealthy, as he says: (The human body needs certain nutrients, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, healthy fats and good carbohydrates, etc., and it can be obtained from Eat enough of all kinds of foods, as the human body can begin to collapse when any of these elements are lacking, and last response to concerns was with his statement: (The people who follow his diet will not suffer any food deficiency because of the human body according to His opinion stores enough nutrients throughout the month from Eat foods according to his diet.

It is possible to lose approximately 7 kilograms in a week only, and continue losing more weight in the long run. This is what he explained that this system adds approximately 800 calories daily, which is approximately half of the recommended amount. With it daily, as this food diet invaded the world because of this system is supposed to have similar results as stomach reduction without the need for any surgery.

The method of dieting Logaimat in detail

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Logement diet

The diet of feeds does not depend on the number of calories a person consumes. Rather, it depends on the amount of food that must be eaten, hence the name “diet food”, and the idea of ​​this diet is very easy, and the rate of its success rises whenever we succeed in modifying our diet, by eating all the types of food we like, but with specific quantities and within a precise system, and therefore it can be said that the diet of feeds is a means of slimming without hunger or deprivation, except in the case of a health condition that prevents a persons eating a certain types of food in orders to preserves his healths.

Scheme the doses in detail

It is a playful meal, in addition to five bites a day, and is eaten every two hours, three hours, or four hours, but regularly, and examples of bites that can be eaten: one grain of any kind of vegetables or fruits, or liters The juice is divided into five bites so that consumption is no more than five tablespoons of sugar, half a piece of pizza, an amount of popcorn, ten grains of chips, half a cup of milk, a third of a cup of grapes, or half A cup of green salad, five pieces of biscuit, a piece of candy the size of a matchbox, or five grains of m N almonds.

Breakfast in the diet of Logaimat

As we mentioned earlier, this diet depends on the quantities, so it is necessary to adhere to the specific quantities, which are as follows:

  • And a half cup of salad.
  • A cup and a half of the main meal on the trip.
  • A piece of candy that does not exceed the size of a matchbox.
  • Drink two cups of water before a meal, with a salad bowl first.

Note: If the fun meal contains carbohydrates, then half a loaf of municipal bread is eaten, or five tablespoons of rice or pasta, and the piece of candy can be replaced with half a cup of fresh juice, or with a grain of fruit, or two tablespoons of ice cream.

How to follow the diet of food

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  • Set realistic expectations
  • get rid of unhealthy foods
  • Learn self-motivation skills
  • Get friend support

Setting realistic expectations

Determining, setting expectations, and realistic goals is an important factor when following a diet. For example, when pressing on the soul to lose weight quickly to achieve better health can affect the opposite results, i.e. gain weight.

The researchers found that obese people who expected to lose a lot of weight were more likely to fail to diet, and leave it within six to twelve months, so setting a more realistic and achievable goal could prevent them from feeling frustrated; it might lead to a greater weight loss.

Eliminate unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods in the home should be disposed of. It is difficult to eat healthy food if a person is permanently surrounded by unhealthy fast foods. If other family members want to keep these foods, they must at least keep them hidden and out of the eye instead of placing them in an easy location Reaching it, as the food presented in different areas of the home was linked to obesity, and increased consumption of unhealthy foods.

Learn self-motivation skills

You must learn self-motivation skills, self- control before trying to follow a diet, and how to get back on the right track when making any mistake, as this can be achieved by preparing a long list that contains all the reasons why a person follows a diet and then reading it every morning, or at times feel helpless.

Get support for a friend

Support can be obtained from a friend or partner to participate in the problems of the diet plan program, so that they can encourage, motivate each other, go to the club together, plan weekly healthy meals together, and help to stay on the right path; which leads to the person being more motivated to follow Dieting.

What is the diet of food?

Some are interested in their body for health and aesthetic reasons, those who are interested in health reasons are well known in the sports world while many others are known for bad food behaviors that can harm health in the short or long term, but those who are interested in aesthetic reasons are all people in general with varying degrees of This interest, some of them are excessively interested and those who work in areas that require beauty, such as art and fashion and others, and there are those who care about a reasonable percentage, and others a small percentage.

The most important thing that those interested in health and beauty follow the weight factor in the human body, as it affects everything that remains except for it needs permanent care that requires attention to the types of food, its proportions, the way it is prepared, etc. It is one of the things that can be controlled and this is what distinguishes it more from others. For example, How to follow the diet of food a person does not control the shape of his nose or his length, but he is able to influence his weight directly, and then even if he does not like the shape of his body, then after obtaining a good weight he can control the appearance of this The body by clothing.

Many people suffer from weight problems, most of which fall within the range of weight gain that is caused by wrong feeding behaviors, and as a result of neglect in the beginnings of signs of weight gain, the problem worsens to actually become an extra weight that must be eliminated if it is healthy or aesthetic, and health is more important The fact that excess weight may cause serious health problems, the most important of which is high blood pressure, cholesterol level, and weak heart muscle, these problems and the most important of which the human heart is exposed to may be problems that lead to death or a decrease in age (meaning the maximum period a person lives in good health, not as a number of years).

Aesthetically, the extra weight is universally rejected according to the standards of beauty, even if that is irrational, but the global concern makes it very important and makes following the standards of global beauty necessary and influential. To solve this problem, some people may resort to surgery or exercise, but the most famous thing is to submit to certain diets called diet food or what is known as diet. Many people follow these diets.

Although they are dangerous if they were not carried out under the supervision of an aspiring person who can determine the proportions of excess materials and the extent to which they can be disposed of without harm, the best diet is considered the safest diet, which depends on changing nutritional behaviors according to eating times. How to follow the diet of food this diet requires that a person eat what he wants, but with specific proportions at specific times, and these periods are usually every quarter of an hour How to follow the diet of food throughout the day by eating any type of food in the form of small nibbles that are well chewed in small proportions that do not exceed a few nibbles.

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