How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space in 1 week Best Tips

How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space

How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space, just know some basic aspects of cultivation. Take advantage of your terrace or roof and enjoy this green space in your home.

Despite the massive growth of cities and great technological advances, the possibility of creating an urban garden in our flat continues to arouse great interest. How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space, However, it is important to consider some issues to do so in a small place.

How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space

In this article, we approach you in an easy way to your Urban gardening with some practical tips to start growing your own fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, etc. Enjoy and feed your family in the healthiest way with this rewarding activity: the urban garden.

How to make an urban garden in a little space

Choose the place well

In this new project that you are going to undertake it is decisive to choose well the place where you are going to locate your garden. To do this, remember that the success of your plantations will depend on the light (direct or indirect) that your plants receive. Always keep in mind that a sunny place accelerates the growth of the seeds.

It is also necessary to have a good drainage system and, of course, some water intake as close as possible to How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space. In this way, you will save time and it will be more practical to water with the necessary frequency.

If you are going to mount it on a terrace or patio, keep in mind that it will be an area where you will work with soil and fertilizer. Therefore, you should always think about cleaning and limit the space well so as not to dirty your house every day.

First agriculture lessons

Before you start spending money on seeds and basic agricultural equipment, you should be well informed, even go to some theoretical classes on how to grow. There are too many factors that can ruin months of caring for your plants and, therefore, it is better to acquire some good books on the subject.

You must learn some basic notions: How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space

  • Care of the land and the use of different fertilizers.
  • Months suitable for sowing.
  • Watering and pruning.
  • Plagues and basic care.

An ideal option: the vertical urban garden

With the development of this technique, you have the advantage of optimizing the space to the maximum, since it takes up much less space than with the conventional one. At the same time, you will save time in the maintenance of the garden, because weeds are not created nor do we have to dig for planting.

Another great advantage of planting vertically is the greater entry of light and air into your crops. Pests are also minor and are easier to treat. Very practical advice is to plant fast-cycle crops (lettuce, chard, spinach, etc.) among varieties that grow slower.

How to make a small garden in balcony? The balcony, terrace or roof are perfect places to make an urban garden. You can use pots, culture tables or even start in hydroponic cultivation (it is grown without soil, in water).

Original ideas

Today social networks allow knowing different types of urban gardens around the world. In this way, we can also be surprised and benefit from the imaginative of many people who have wanted to take advantage of small spaces.

Here are some original ideas for How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space:

  • Take advantage and recycle pallets, containers or tires as culture tables and pots.
  • If you are very new to the world of cultivation, you can help with small signs that help you remember the name of the plant.
  • Do not forget to sow aromatic plants. There is nothing more pleasant for a chef than being able to go out on the balcony to pick up his fresh plant.
  • Get good advice to get a good substrate suitable for the type of land you are going to use.
  • If you are traveling or spend seasons away from home and do not have anyone who can go to water your garden, In these times How to make a small garden water feature? you can also install a drip or automatic irrigation system.
  • With the remains of the same garden (pruning, discarded fruits, herbs, etc.) you can make an organic compost to enrich the earth naturally.

How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space? In addition to providing your own organic food without pesticides, you will discover an activity to combat stress and share it with your family. Children will be able to become fond of this good habit and know the whole cultivation process.

How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space in 1 week Best Tips

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4 Designs of Home Gardens

How to make a beautiful small garden? Here are some easy and simple home garden designs to carry out. Cheer up and the results will surprise you.

Home gardens are a very good option when looking to save money and eat healthier. In fact, when harvested at home, fewer fertilizers are used. Therefore, healthier vegetables and vegetables are obtained.

How to make a small garden at home? There are different ways to design home gardens. Before making a decision, you need to consider the weather, the amount of sunlight and the type of soil.

These factors could affect the growth of the vegetables and vegetables you grow. How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space? It will also determine which ones you can grow and which not.

1. Home gardens in the garden?

Home gardens in the garden

Urban vegetable gardening for beginners, A home garden can be installed in the Home Garden, the frame of kitchen windows or on the balcony, or in other interiors space.

It should be noted that the location must be functional in order to handle it easily. In addition, this adds up to the aesthetic level.

How to make a small vegetable garden? Separating a space from the ground of your garden to grow vegetables and vegetables is ideal but not everyone has a garden at their disposal. However, not everything is lost, there is always at least a small space inside the home tiny garden ideas that can be used.

In the case of home gardens in the garden, the extension and depth of the garden land will help crop growth unlike other orchards with more limited space. It allows to grow aromatic herbs, vegetables, and tubers.

To begin, you confirm choose a squares or rectangulars section of the home garden in which your will install your home garden. Be sure to clean the soil very well from grass roots and any other plant. Separate the planting space by rows.

How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space? In each row, grow a type of vegetable or vegetable leaving at least 15 centimeters apart between each. You should know what vegetables and vegetables you can include according to the weather, shadows, and sunlight of your garden.

Remember that most vegetables need to receive sunlight most of the day to survive. Others, such as spinach, lettuce, and parsley need less than 4 hours of sunlight a day.

2. Homemade potted orchards

Homemade potted orchards

If you don’t have space in your garden or you simply don’t have a garden in your house, you can make your garden with pots. You can place the pots inside or outside your home.

If you do it inside, make sure it is near a window where you have sunlight. Orchards to make at home with pots allow you to easily harvest the crop. Therefore, it is said that they are a very versatile and comfortable option.

The size of the pots will depend on the plants you like to harvest and the space destined for the garden. Smaller pots are excellent for herbs such as basil, peppermint, parsley, and mint.

Medium pots are ideal for lettuce and cabbage. On the other hand, the slightly larger pots are used to harvest paprika and tomatoes. One of the disadvantages of this type of orchards is that you will not be able to grow tubers such as:

  • Onions.
  • Leeks
  • Potatoes.
  • Carrots
  • Beets

These vegetables need wider soils to spread their roots and grow properly. A pot does not provide the space needed to develop, so if they grow, they will be of “miniature” size.

3. Home gardens with height

Home gardens in aerial pots are the solution when you have little space in your home. You can hang these pots near a window, inside or outside the house. The important thing is that your crops receive enough sunlight.

You can buy aerial pots in nurseries or build them yourself. To do this you can take the regular pots and add a metal chain or rope.

They are not only very functional but also very original as decorative elements. For example, in each of the chains of the pots different vegetables and herbs can be placed to give it more sumptuousness and attractiveness.

You can also place the potting chains at different heights so that your garden looks varied and ingenious. You must take care of the irrigation of your planting. Watering with a lot of water will make the pots drain the excess underneath.

That surplus will be falling in the next pots or on the home ground. In addition to bringing you a cleaning problem, your vegetables would wilt to receive more water than necessary. Using a sprayer is the best option to water the plants.

4. Modular home gardens

Modular home gardens

How to make a small garden look nice? Buildings a woodens shelfes is another way to designs your’s home garden, especially if you have small space at home. This shelf can be located outside your home attached to a wall that receives sunlight. Build it with 3 or 4 levels according to your needs.

In each level, you can place small pots with your crops. This design is ideal for harvesting aromatic and medicinal plants such as:

  • Parsley
  • Mint.
  • Rosemary.
  • Thyme.
  • Basil.
  • Peppermint

Generally, those plant need only Four hours of direct in sunlight a day to growing. Consider that the shelf could give some shade, those crop adapt better to the design of a modular home garden.

As you can see, the space in your house will not prevent you from having a healthy and fresh crop of vegetables and vegetables. How to Make an Urban Garden in a Little Space? There are many ways to design home gardens. You just need some creativity and ingenuity when getting down to work.

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