How To Remove Hair Painlessly At Home in 15 Minutes

How To Remove Hair Painlessly At Home

How to remove hair Painlessly – Every woman seeks to preserve her beauty and femininity, and the smooth skin free of hair is an important part of this beauty, as it is part of personal hygiene, so the woman seeks all ways to get rid of it, and there are many of these methods, including removing hair with the blade, or by laser sessions, or creams Hair removal, or sugar (the sweetness of hair), and this is what we will talk about in detail.

How To Remove Hair Painlessly At Home in 15 Minutes

The sweetness of hair

The hair removal method with sweetness or sugar and lemon is one of the oldest known methods, and it is characterized by its strong effect in removing hair as it removes hair from its roots and lasts for up to six weeks, and can be used throughout the body, and its advantages are that it makes the skin soft to touch, and its disadvantage is that it Very painful, especially for women with sensitive skin, and despite all its advantages, however, some medical studies show that it may cause skin relaxation for those who frequently use it because of sugar, and also may cause the appearance of varicose veins, but there is no objection to using it at intervals without multiplication.

How to make sweetness at home

The first way

This method is one of the most well-known methods, and its components are:

Ingredients :

  1. Tablespoon of original honey.
  2. One lemon juice.
  3. A small cup of water.
  4. A small cup of sugar.

Method of preparation and use: The method of preparation and use depends on these steps:

Bring a suitable bowl (cooker) and put water and sugar in it, then put them on the fire until the mixture mixes a little, and after it starts to boil add the lemon juice, then stir the mixture a little over medium heat, and then calm the fire to a slight degree and leave them for half an hour, then turn off the fire. After that, empty the mixture in a glass dish and leave it to cool and hold together, then keep it in a transparent plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. If you want to use this sweetness, take it out of the refrigerator a night earlier, then moisten it with just a little water to make it tender. Wash your skin with oils before using it. We advise you to apply baby powder before epilation with sweetness as it has an effect that prevents skin irritation and irritation. Pull the hair towards the hair growth, so that the hair does not grow back incorrectly. Make sure to remove the hair lightly and quickly so that you do not feel pain. After you have finished removing the hair, apply another layer of baby powder. Wash your skin after two hours, and apply a moisturizing cream suitable for it.

The second way

This method is one of the easy ways to make the sweetness of hair removal, and its components are:

the ingredients

  1. A cup of sugar
  2. 4 tablespoons of lemon juice
  3. 4 tablespoons of water
  4. Method of preparation and use
  • Mix all ingredients in a suitable glass container.
  • Then put the mixture in the microwave with a glass bowl for about a minute until it turns into a homogeneous mixture that tends to brown.
  • Stir the mixture again well, then put it back in the microwave for 15 seconds.
  • After that, empty the mixture with a bowl, and allow it to cool and hold together.
  • If you want to use sweetness, you should heat it with the microwave for 20 seconds.
  • Before you start removing hair, wash your skin with creams or oils.
  • Spread the sweetness on your skin with a wooden spoon, then put a cloth over it and remove the hair against the direction of its growth.
  • Finally, wash your skin well and moisturize with a suitable moisturizer.

How To Remove Hair Painlessly – Mistakes to avoid after hair removal

  • After completing the hair removal process, avoid these mistakes that prevent you from feeling your skin irritation, which are:
  • Avoid applying suntan spray: Avoid applying this spray after removing hair from your skin with sweet or waxing, because it contains chemicals that quickly leak into the skin because there is no hair, and cause skin irritation and redness.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight: after hair removal, the skin becomes thin, and the first layer of skin with hair is removed, so the skin becomes very sensitive, and if you exposed it to sunlight after removing hair for a short time, the result will be very harmful to your skin because sunlight interacts with your skin, So we recommend that you remove the hair two days before in case you want to go out in the sun or swim.
  • Avoid swimming immediately after hair removal: the skin after hair removal becomes weak and unable to defend itself, so swimming in swimming pools shortly after hair removal exposes them to pollution or infection from water, which leads to irritation, redness and the appearance of pimples.
  • Wearing tight clothes: Wearing tight clothes after removing hair, especially pants, prevents the skin from breathing, because as we indicated, the skin becomes sensitive and delicate, and this may cause redness and sensitivity to it, so avoid that and wear loose clothing.

How to prepare sweetness for hair removal


  • 1 sweetness
  • 2 sweetness to remove hair
  • 2.1 Ingredients
  • 2.2 How to prepare
  • 3 delicate objects and sweetness
  • delicate objects and sweetness


Halawa is a popular traditional method used by the vast majority of women to get rid of unwanted hair, and it is one of the first ways that women have invented in ancient times to obtain a perfect body attractive and silky like silk. Sweetness has been prepared in the past with simple and easy ingredients with aromatic additions to get an attractive smell, and here we will present to you, Madam, the traditional method of preparing sweetness.

How To Remove Hair Painlessly – Sweetness for remove hair painlessly for hair removal

the ingredients

  • Two cups of white sugar.
  • Water Cup.
  • Half a lemon juice, or a tablespoon of lemon salt.
  • Two tablespoons of orange blossom oil or jasmine, depending on desire.

How to prepare

  • We put sugar and water in a bowl, preferably one that does not stick, and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved,
  • Leave it to boil several times, then add the lemon juice and keep stirring.
  • Add the essential oil we chose, and stir with a wooden spoon.
  • Leave the mixture on fire until it becomes red or dark brown, with continuous stirring to avoid burning a certain part.
  • When the sweetness becomes thick with honey, we paint a marble surface with a little oil used in the mixture, and we pour the mixture until it cools with its spread.
  • Knead sweetness with fingertips and combine it into slices of medium thickness and length as needed.
  • We put it in the fridge then to hold together and become solid, then we use it on the places to be removed from the hair, and we can keep it in a cool place for a long time to need.
  • It is preferable to use small pieces of it to avoid severe pain.
  • In this way, we get a sweet brown glow.

Delicate objects and sweetness

  • Objects that contain sensitive skin are exposed to the appearance of some side effects from removal, as some pimples appear in the body, some women have pimples and severe redness in the arm and back area, and can appear in the leg or sensitive areas, and to avoid this phenomenon it is preferable to prepare sweetness Containing honey instead of sugar, and prepared in the same previous way with the substitution of the amount of sugar with honey.
  • It is preferable to massage the skin before use with lemon juice and salt (lightening the pores), then wash it with warm water and then dry it calmly to avoid irritation of the skin.
  • Lightness in removal is the basis for successful removal, that is, you have to sweeten the sweetness very quickly and remove it in one go, in which case it is preferable to use small pieces of sweetness.
  • Immediately after stripping, prepare the dissolved starch solution in the water, then soak a piece of cotton with the solution, pass it over the depleted area, allow it to dry and then wash it with cold water.

How the doctrine of hair removal work

How the doctrine of hair removal work

How the doctrine of hair removal work – Hair removal

Women want to have smooth, glossy skin like a mirror, and body hair prevents this so that its appearance stands in the way of wanting to wear some of the lady’s favorite clothes, and some women may resort to hair removal creams or the blade, but darkening and roughness of the skin, is a negative effect that appears When using these methods, therefore, hair removal with the nodule is one of the best solutions to obtain a beautiful appearance free of hair, in addition to softness.

How doctrine works to remove hair

There are many ways to make creed or sweetness at home, but before that, there are several things that must be taken into account before performing hair removal, including; that the length of the hair is about a quarter of an inch, that the skin is clean, and that talcum powder or starch can be sprayed on the surface of the skin, Avoid bathing in hot water before removing hair, and after removing hair, some toner and moisturizer can be applied to reduce the possibility of inflammation, and here are several ways to make doctrine that can be used to remove hair from any area of ​​the body:

The first way to do a doctrine

Ingredients :

  • 4 cups of sugar or
  • 2 cups of sugar.
  • 2 cups of honey.
  • Half a cup of lemon juice.
  • Half a cup of water.
How to prepare: How To Remove Hair Painlessly
  • All ingredients are mixed in a skillet, and placed on the stove on a low heat flame until the sugar begins to boil.
  • When the mixture becomes golden brown, sugar or nodule is ready.
  • Leave the mixture to cool slightly. Because the mixture cools quickly, it is possible to put it in a container of hot water in order to maintain its liquid consistency, but it should not be too hot to avoid burning the skin. How the doctrine of hair removal work – following in these steps to help us.

The second way to do creed

  • Ingredients :
  • 2 cups brown sugar.
  • A quarter cup of water.
  • a quarter cup of lemon juice.
How to prepare :

All ingredients are mixed in a skillet, and placed on a stove on a low heat flame until a concentrated brown solution is formed.

It is then stored in a glass or plastic container.

The third way to do creed

Ingredients :

  • A cup of sugar.
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • 2 tablespoons of water.
  • In a frying pan, mix ingredients in a stove with a low flame.

The mixture is constantly stirred to avoid burning.

Bring to a boil until the sugar dissolves, forming a clear yellowish solution.

Put it in the refrigerator in a suitable package until it is used.

It is possible to add honey to the ingredients.

The fourth way to do the doctrine

Ingredients :
  • Juice half a lemon.
  • A quarter cup of honey.
  • A cup of brown sugar,
  • and can be replaced with white sugar.
How to prepare :
  • All ingredients are mixed in a bowl, and stir well until mixed.
  • The mixture is placed in the microwave for 1.5-3 minutes, and because the temperatures of the microwave devices are different, you must start with a low temperature until the appropriate temperature is known.
  • When the surface of the mixture begins to form bubbles, it is removed from the microwave so that the mixture temperature does not become very hot.
  • The consistency of the mixture should bet the same as that of honey.

How to remove hair painlessly over the lips

The hair on the lips can be removed using honey and sugar, by making a homemade doctrine. Sugar is a peeling agent for the skin, and honey moisturizes it.

Ingredients :

  • 3 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Tablespoon of honey.
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Microwave safe container.
How to prepare :
  • Sugar and honey are placed in a bowl, then placed inside the microwave, and heated for a few minutes, and when the sugar is completely dissolved, the bowl is removed from the microwave.
  • Add lemon juice, and mix with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Leave the mixture to cool slightly.
  • The hot mixture is slightly applied to the skin over the lips, but care must be taken not to cause it to heat.
  • It is placed over the mixture with a strip of wax strips or a piece of cotton cloth, pressed over the mixture, and then removed from the direction of the hair growth.
  • The skin is washed with cold water, dried fresh, and then applied a mild moisturizing cream.

How To Remove Hair Painlessly

Doctrinal hair removal is painful, but it is one of the best ways to remove hair, so there are several methods that can be used to relieve pain:

  • Peeling the area you want to remove hair from before doing hair removal a day to remove dead skin and cleanse the pores; to facilitate hair removal, and it is important to do peeling after the nodule as well to stop hair growth.
  • Take a pain reliever half an hour before removing hair.
  • Avoid stimulants, such as coffee, at least 2 hours before hair removal, and drink water to help moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Distract attention while removing hair, by distracting thinking through music or watching TV, or anything that stops the focus from the pain caused by hair removal.
  • Removing hair with a nodule, which is short, will cause pain without stripping the hair, so the length of the hair should be about a quarter of an inch.
  • One of the best times to remove hair is in the early morning, especially at four in the morning × when the body’s work is ideal, while in the afternoon the body becomes warm with heat, and its muscles relax, which increases pain.
  • Avoid removing hair one week before the period, and it is best to do this one or two weeks after it ends, because the skin before the menstrual cycle is more sensitive, which makes the process of hair removal more painful.

Painless hair removal

Hair removal methods

  • Among the things that are concerned about girls ’worry and concern are choosing the appropriate method for hair removal, and maintaining smooth, clean skin without feeling the pain accompanying this process. There are many methods and methods of hair removal and the most important methods used in hair removal:
  • Shaving hair removal: This method is considered the easiest, cheapest and least painful, but the results are not commendable, as it does not get rid of hair for a long time, so it appears after two or three days have passed since its shaving is thicker and a dark color.
  • Wax: One of the methods used to get rid of hair from its roots, as the resin that contains it sticks to the hair and removes it from its roots, it is considered effective in getting rid of hair for a whole month, but it is not able to get rid of short hairs, so forceps must be used to get rid of them.
  • Hair removal cream: aims to weaken the hair follicle and bring it down ten minutes after its application, and the hair will return to growth again a week after its removal, with the need to avoid using it on sensitive areas.
  • Sugar and sour (doctrine): similar to the way of wax in hair removal, but it is considered the best as it consists of healthy natural products that do not harm the health of the skin, somewhat painful, but it is the best in getting rid of hair even from short hairs and able to remove dead cells accumulated on the surface Skin.
  • Epilators: cut hair, with less pain than doctrine, and a large proportion of girls and women use it.
  • How to remove hair painlessly via Laser removal: One of the best ways to permanently get rid of hair, but it is the most expensive, and this is either by buying a home laser or resort to centers and clinics specialized in skincare.

Natural recipes to relieve hair removal pain

Bitter lupine

  • Crush a cup of bitter lupine, and soak it with three cups of boiling water and leave soaked for ten hours.
  • Strain the water from the thermos and put it in a spray bottle.
  • Put the bottle in the refrigerator for a full day, and spray the area where you want to remove hair before removing hair, then spray the same area after hair
  • Spray your body with lupine soaked twice daily and leave it for ten minutes at a time.
  • Honey and yeast
  • Mix the same amount of honey and yeast with the same ingredients.
  • Add a little lemon juice and rose water to the mixture.
  • Before starting the hair removal, apply this mixture to your body and allow it to dry.

Anesthetic creams

Resorting to the use of narcotic creams and can be obtained from pharmacies and put as a local anesthetic half an hour before the hair removal process, this drug will reduce the intensity of pain by 90%, but care must be taken before applying this drug of the extent of the sensitivity of the skin by applying it to a small part and for a period Not less than an hour and checked its effect on the skin.

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