Jaundice Diet Food – Best Food for Get Relief

Jaundice Diet Food

Jaundice Diet Food: Mild cases of jaundice recover quickly. It just takes a rest at home and sticks to a healthy diet until the symptoms are completely gone. The first signs of healing are the fading of yellow skin and the return of the skin to its natural color. Below, I will show you the optimal diet for quick recovery, God willing.

Dependence on consuming natural fluids and juices such as lemon juice, orange, carrots, and grapes for a week.

Conduct a daily enema consisting of warm water to ensure regular bowel movements, get rid of toxins in the bloodstream, and prevent absorption of these decomposing substances.

After spending a whole week fasting from eating food and relying only on juice, then the diet depends on eating fruits for an additional four days. Where you should get three or four meals of fruit a day, such as apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, mangoes, and cherries, but bananas should not be eaten.

Jaundice Diet food
Jaundice Diet food

What to eat in Jaundice? After that it is possible to resume the diet as follows:

Jaundice Diet food for Breakfast:

One type of fresh fruit, such as apple, pear, mango, grape or cherry.
A cup of whole grains or a slice of bread with a little butter.


  • A glass of orange juice


  • Salad platter of fresh vegetables
  • a slice of bread
  • A cup of yogurt
  • A plate of steamed leafy vegetables like spinach or carrots.


A cup of coconut water or a cup of apple juice


  • A plate of vegetable soup
  • a slice of bread
  • Baked sweet potato

Before sleep:

A cup of warm milk and a spoonful of honey to taste

You should Jaundice Diet food avoid consuming fats such as ghee, oil, cream, and butter for at least two weeks.

After that, it is possible to introduce fats into the diet, but keep fat consumption within a minimum.

Dependence on eating fresh vegetables and fruits daily, such as adding dandelion leaves and radish to a fresh vegetable salad dish.

Rely on consuming abundant water every day to get rid of toxins quickly.

Avoid foods that cause digestive disorders, such as legumes, fatty foods, red meat, tea, coffee, pickles, spices, whole dairy products, sweets, and alcohol, until they are completely cured.

You should pay close attention to the quality of foods that the patient consumes during this period because if eating the wrong foods this leads to relapse and the situation worsens even if it is in the same stage of recovery.

Adhering to the diet for at least two weeks, in addition to obtaining adequate rest, inhaling fresh air, and repeated exposure to sunlight for a short period, will, God willing, treat the liver, overcome this health problem, and restore the liver to normal again. Studies have shown that the liver has an excellent ability to regenerate itself and restore its activity by providing it with all the nutrients it needs. Diets rich in whole proteins and vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin E, can accelerate the regeneration of liver cells and are very necessary even after recovery to avoid relapse and the problem occurs again.

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Food to be avoided for patients with jaundice

We must first look at the condition of jaundice before starting to list the foods that should be avoided when infected, this condition affects the liver and can cause damage, while the liver performs many vital functions inside the body, including:

It plays a vital role in all metabolic processes within the human body.
– It helps blood clotting.
– It helps to digest fats and produce the energy needed by the body.

From here we can appreciate the importance of the liver in the human body and its vital functions in metabolic processes, jaundice is not only a disease, but a health condition that may cause fatal fever such as malaria, and the high level of bilirubin in the blood resulting from jaundice, which gives the color yellow to the skin and eyes.

And bilirubin is formed by the breakdown of dead RBCs in the liver, and when a person is sick with jaundice, the diet plays an important role in helping the liver recover from this condition, and there are certain foods that must be avoided for a person with jaundice until it heals quickly.

Food to be avoided for patients with jaundice

1- Spicy foods: Spicy foods are among the spiciest foods when we come to digestion, and may hinder the rapid recovery of the liver.

2- Fast foods: There are some fast foods such as pizza and burgers that should be avoided completely because they contain oils and other adulterated ingredients that are harmful to the health of the liver and interfere with the metabolism process.

3- Alcohol: Alcohol is one of the most harmful foods in this case, so it must be avoided, so the metabolism of alcohol takes place inside the liver, causing ulcers and damage even if the person is not sick with jaundice.

4- Eggs: During jaundice, the liver finds great difficulty in digesting proteins in the foods the patient eats, eggs contain large levels of protein, preferably avoided to help the liver recover quickly.

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5- Milk products: There are milk products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt, which should be avoided because the fats in them are considered one of the main components of it, and the liver requires a lot of rest during this case, so the fats put a lot of pressure on the liver to be digested, so the liver fails to It performs its vital functions when it fails to digest certain foods such as milk products.

6- Coffee: Caffeine is the main ingredient of coffee, which can cause severe liver damage, because the liver is very fragile when it develops jaundice, so it is best to avoid all types of caffeine drinks.

7- Pulses: Pulses contain a lot of protein and fiber, which puts an additional burden on the liver to produce more yellow sap, which helps in the digestion of these protein-rich foods. As a result, the liver deteriorates during this condition.

9- Fried foods: When we talk about forbidden foods during jaundice, fried foods come first, because they may contain an excessive amount of saturated fat, which is difficult to digest, and as a result, the liver, which is in a weak state, needs to do more to be able to digest saturated fat It is found in fried foods.

10- Non-vegetarian food: Non-vegetarians should stay away from them because these foods contain saturated fats and protein, and it becomes difficult for the liver to digest them. Indian diet for jaundice patients.

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