The 10 Easy Hairstyles To Do At Night

The 10 Easy Hairstyles To Do At Night

It is not difficult to get stylish easy hairstyles quickly to party. Discover some examples.

Sometimes, what most laziness produces from going out is to prepare for it: clothes, hairstyles… So, in this article, we teach you to make hairstyles easier but more colorful, so that you surprise by your appearance. Hairstyles that will not take you long. Ready?

Easy hairstyles for the night

1. wet effect

First, there is the wet hairstyle with the stripe in the middle. It is achieved by drying the hair with a wide mouthpiece until almost all the moisture is removed.

Then you have to make a line in the middle and dry from the line to the ends until it is dry. Finally, it will be necessary to fix with lacquer the part of the above and of means until the ends.

2. Pigtails

Do not forget that the queue gives a lot of play, since it can be placed at various heights, with ornaments, with bangs or without it, with several catchers or one, long or short, etc.

In relation to a long ponytail, there is a simple trick to do. It is done through a high ponytail that covers the beginning and a medium or low bumper. This gives the appearance of a single huge pigtail.

Do not forget to brush your hair well to make it perfect.

3. Foam Messy

It is one of the easiest hairstyles you can do. It is achieved with a powerful diffuser. To top it off, put fixing foam with your fists and distribute them very carefully.

4. Bed hair

Another easy hairstyle is very easy to do. You just have to hit a strong heatstroke with a dryer to remove about 80% of the humidity. Perfect to combine with red lips.
5. Straight hair

We talk about the typical straight hair but straightened with a dryer, not with an iron. It must be dried with a narrow nozzle dryer and help with a cylindrical comb, making a line in the middle and drying it from the root to the tips. And don’t forget that straightened hair will never go out of style.

Braids, one of the easiest and most beautiful easy hairstyles

The braids give a lot of play since they can go from one side inwards, only in the middle or, also, from several strands, such as the wide braid. And not only that, braids can be shaped, like a Greek crown or a flower.

6. Reverse braid

Another of the easiest and fastest hairstyles you can do, and the result can be spectacular. It mainly consists of making a braid and turning it over. To hold it, all you have to do is keep the braid using two forks that hold it.

7. A double braid

We keep talking about braids, but this one is special. This is a braid-ponytail, in the style of Hunger Games or Princess Leia from Star Wars, which is as beautiful as it is colorful. Simply, you have to make two braids and put them together with a rubber band.

8. Wide braid

Continuing with the braids, the wide braid is a complicated-looking hairstyle, but that really is very easy to do. You have to make a braid with two strands from above, like a semi-pick.

The trick is in hair loss, which must be natural and look effortless. Now, it is simply taking two strands at different heights to join them to the braid, and so on until the end of it.

Easy hairstyles: bun and collected

A bun is no longer a collection of walking around the house. Now there are combinations that have reached the catwalk. This is the reason why comfort has finally become fashionable. A bun can be both above the head and back, and even above the forehead.

9. Half collected

It consists of straight hair superimposed by a ponytail of several cholesterols. Simply, you have to straighten your hair with a narrow nozzle dryer, divide the hair horizontally in two and take one of those strands to make a pigtail divided with pigtails separated by 4 cm.

10. Front bun

Something that will break when you go out is a frontal bun. As simple as making a bun over the forehead and hold it very well with a catcher.

Thus, pigtails, braids, and ribbons are as simple to make as stylish. Therefore, we must not fall into the mistaken thought that everything simple is ugly or difficult is beautiful. We have shown you some of the easy hairstyles you can do in a few minutes, so now there will be no excuses for not going out at night.

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