Weight loss: 12 sexy slimming clothes to wear to lose weight in style

Weight loss: 12 sexy slimming clothes to wear to lose weight in style

No longer only reserved for mature women, slimming clothes are aimed more than ever at all generations of adult fashionistas, from 20 to 50 years old and even more. From slimming tights, to reshaping dresses, here are the desirable pieces that will help you lose weight effortlessly, and in style if so desired.

A recurring phenomenon, the quest for thinness nevertheless concerns most of the fairer sex. A finding which is made in particular with the approach of the end of year celebrations , which are generally accompanied by some gourmet excess. However, and whatever we may say, there is nothing more beautiful and more rewarding than to accept ourselves as we are , no matter our age , our style or our morphology and our measurements. . Because to shine in society, and radiate happiness, nothing is more essential than feeling good in your body to have self-confidence.

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And yet, some of us want to erase a few small complexes without necessarily going through the diet box . The good news? The resurgence of the shapewear trend , which we owe in part to on social networks by launching her brand Skims. Because it is thanks to the reconsideration of shaping and tight-fitting clothes that no longer compress the body, that modern-day fashionistas have come to terms with slimming clothes , long unloved.And for good reason, the research firm Edited, goes back to this trend by demonstrating, for example, that the slimming girdle market increased by + 147% in 2018, a considerable boom that would particularly affect young women aged 16 to 24.


Spearheading the success of slimming clothes , renowned brands are redoubling their imagination to modernize their cuts. In our sights? Dim, which values ​​the slimming tights perfect to match our most beautiful dresses , but also the Slimtess label which aligns itself, just like H&M with the Super High sculpting tights, or Lytess and her seductive sheathing dress , and of course ‘others. The corrective bodys , the shorties cellulite , through panties flat stomach… All categories of clothing – or almost – have thus been redesigned, so that they are sewn from comfortable stretch slimming textiles , in which specialized manufacturers add slimming active ingredients such as caffeine , which releases slimming properties that work every time. rubbing of tissue against the skin.


It is clear that slimming textiles – which result from cosmetotextile – are resolutely effective. And for good reason, they have the ability to considerably reduce cellulite , while promoting the loss of a few centimeters of waist circumference, nearly 5 cm in 28 days, But for the charm to operate, experts recommend wearing these clothes daily for a month to optimize the slimming effect. All this if possible by being combined with regular physical activity to double the efficiency.

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